The ConstruSteel Suite Preparation is already a full featured suite for the use of import BIM data, optimising material use, generating cutting lists, view and edit DSTV’s and controlling CNC machines. It suits perfectly for small / midsized steel fabrication and steel construction companies wanting to improve their fabrication process. Check out the included solutions below.

Mobile Device Suite

Supercharge your steel fabrication or steel construction company and run your business without paper. Use mobile phones and/or […]

Job Preparation

Manage the key production processes, from purchasing through to bar nesting, creating parts or work shop lists, production planning and job routing.

3D CAD Import

Besides the Tekla integration, ConstruSteel can import 3D models from any CAD program (like Advance Steel or Bocad) using DSTV data.

IFC Viewer

The ConstruSteel IFC Viewer software solution generates information to show information in a 3D visualisation.

Basic Bar Nesting

Basic Bar Nesting or Straight Bar Nesting can be done within the ConstruSteel software with just a few clicks. For this purpose it is possible to define one type of machine with all the parameters necessary to do a proper bar nesting of beams and other length material.

Advanced Bar Nesting

With this skew bar nesting / angular bar nesting functionality both the material waste percentage can be reduced as well as the setup time of the sawing machine can be minimized.

DSTV Viewer + Editor

With the ConstruSteel DSTV Viewer & Editor you can check DSTV files visually and make necessary changes.


Price requests and purchase orders can be created with this purchasing software solution as soon as the material requirement is clear.

DSTV+ Post Processor

With the DSTV+ Post Processor you are be able to control your machinery directly from the Job Preparation solution.

List Generator

ConstruSteel gives steel fabrication companies the possibility to provide custom made lists to fit in in their own perfect fabrication process.

Stock Control

To extend the efficiency of the production preparation in the structural steel industry it is very important to have a proper stock management.

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