User stories

We can certainly explain how ConstruSteel can impact your organization or quantify the money, time, and effort savings it can bring. However, we prefer to let our customers share their daily experiences with ConstruSteel. This way, you can gain a genuine understanding of how other steel construction and fabrication companies benefit from our software.


Thanks to ConstruSteel's software solutions, STALENT is able to efficiently manage its steel fabrication process.

Max Bögl

Advanced Scribing cuts production time by up to 30% on projects for brands like BMW and Volkswagen.

Reijrink Staalconstructie

Scan Sys integration with ConstruSteel: say goodbye to paperwork.

Staalbouw Utrecht

ConstruSteel is the cornerstone of our production process.

Bascon Staalconstructies

ConstruSteel provides short lines of communication between all departments.

H.J. Metaalbewerking

We're moving forward with The Digital Workshop of ConstruSteel.

Constructiebedrijf Kruiper

With ConstruSteel, we are "in control" again.

Hutten Metaal Staalbouw

Advanced Scribing from ConstruSteel is more flexible than other scribing solutions.

Harleman Constructies

ConstruSteel is also a perfect fit for smaller steel construction companies.

Staalbeton nv

Our vision is to work paperless and efficiently. That aligns perfectly with ConstruSteel.

Hanse Staalbouw

With ConstruSteel, we keep the planning between the drawing room and production hall short.

Vic Obdam

We experience practical advantages in our assembly process.

Hendrikx nv

Advanced Scribing from ConstruSteel reduces mistakes, errors and failure costs.

Eeftink Rensing

It is easy to see that working with ConstruSteel saves a lot of time.


We can process three times as many invoices in the same time with ConstruSteel.


ConstruSteel is perfect for the flow of materials. The project map is also clear.

Van der Meijden BV

After 45 years, a new and more innovative way of operational management with ConstruSteel.

Constructiebedrijf De Groot

We quickly save 16 hours per week with ConstruSteel's BTR solution.

Companjen Constructies

For us, ConstruSteel is a tool we can no longer live without.

Imetaal Staalbouw

ConstruSteel is a financially smart decision and cost-saving.

Donk Constructie

ConstruSteel integrates estimation, job preparation, project management and the EN-1090.

Lecor Stålteknik

We use ConstruSteel for all our activities, both in the office and in production.

Advanced Steel Fabrications

Thanks to the CNC integration of ConstruSteel, we achieve significant time savings in steel fabrication.

Our focus is on delivering quality and fostering innovation.

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