A future-proof organization

The projects to which Constructiebedrijf Kruiper contributes are very diverse. From industrial halls to office spaces. But smaller construction work, such as stairs/balustrades and interiors, is also part of the work. The organization now has 15 employees. Despite the large amount of work, expanding the workforce is not an end in itself for further growth of the construction company. Making the organization future-proof by focusing on automation is the way to go, according to Kruiper.

A steel construction industry-specific software solution

In the office and within production, various programs were used that were not necessarily developed specifically for the steel construction industry and that did not link up with each other optimally, such as Excel. Martin Kruiper: “With some programs you then run into the limitations of such a program. It is error-prone, labor-intensive and not always user-friendly. This simply costs you time and money as an entrepreneur. We needed a software solution specifically for the steel construction industry, tailored to our production process. ConstruSteel offers us this software solution. With ConstruSteel we are ‘in control’ again.”

Automation enhancing efficiency

“What has automation brought to our organization? Firstly, increased efficiency. Tasks that used to take me 8 hours for job preparation now only require 2 hours with ConstruSteel. This efficiency ripples throughout the entire organization. We are more in control, fostering a sense of calm within the company while gaining comprehensive insights into our production process. This allows us to identify areas for improvement. Ultimately, we produce faster and better, enabling us to handle more projects. With ConstruSteel, we have room to grow, and the software evolves alongside us. In a nutshell, the automation we implemented with ConstruSteel saves us time and money while making our work more enjoyable. ConstruSteel has become the backbone of our production activities, and we can’t and don’t want to work without it anymore.”

About Constructiebedrijf Kruiper

Constructiebedrijf Kruiper is an experienced and flexible partner in the field of steel. They can guide and take care of projects from start to finish (design, production and assembly). This includes constructions, stairs, balustrades and fencing, interior and profile machining. Constructiebedrijf Kruiper stands out as a flexible and reliable partner that responds to the wishes of its customers. They do this by combining the latest techniques with traditional craftsmanship.

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