The digital workshop

Jeroen Brouwer came across an online video from ConstruSteel demonstrating their software for a ‘digital workshop’. After a quick demonstration, the director was convinced: “We need this.” The app was promptly introduced to the workshop staff, especially the most experienced workers on the shop floor. “Ultimately, they are the ones who have to use it. So, if my employees don’t embrace it due to a lack of tablet knowledge or other practical reasons, it won’t work,” says Jeroen Brouwer. However, his employees were immediately excited about the idea. Just three weeks after placing the order, the H.J. Metaalbewerking workshop replaced stacks of paper with tablets.

Printing is a thing of the past

José Brouwer joins the discussion, responsible for job preparation and organizing paperwork that needs sorting and distribution in the office before being further allocated in the workshop. “On large projects, we used to spend up to two weeks preparing, printing, sorting, and organizing everything into folders, clarifying ambiguities, making revisions—you name it! Thanks to ConstruSteel, this now takes me no more than an hour,” said José Brouwer. “In addition to significant time savings, it also promptly reduces our annual printing and paper expenses by €2,000. Hence, by opting for ConstruSteel, we are also promoting sustainability; it’s a conscious decision.”

The right choice

H.J. Metaalbewerking continues to be pleased with their decision to use ConstruSteel every day. “Everyone finds working with ConstruSteel enjoyable, and it functions flawlessly. Our employees working in the workshop now need to visit the office less frequently, and the hassle of dealing with paperwork packages is a thing of the past. We’ve become much more productive, and having insight into our progress allows us to plan ahead with confidence. We’re delighted with our decision. ConstruSteel is a transparent and excellent system with numerous benefits,” concludes Jeroen Brouwer with contentment.

About H.J. Metaalbewerking

H.J. Metaalbewerking was founded in 2003 by Jeroen Brouwer and Hans van Soelen. In 2018, the construction company moved from Beesd to Vianen. The company now employs 15 people working mainly on constructions for housing, schools, industrial halls, agricultural projects and stairs and railings for industrial premises.

Our focus is on delivering quality and fostering innovation.