Choice of ConstruSteel software with machine purchase

Hendrikx nv had not previously utilized steel construction software. Their process involved manually nesting and sawing profiles, with assemblers handling all preparations for welding. As the use of steel in their constructions increased, the company decided to invest in a drill/saw machine and a punch-cutting machine a few years ago. These machines significantly reduced production time, creating a need for automated optimization. Michael Bogaerts, an engineer and work planner at Hendrikx nv, explains, “In the past, everything was cut manually, which consumed a significant amount of man-hours and production time. This prompted the purchase of the drill/saw machine, which allowed for faster production. However, initial nesting was still done manually.”

Added value of ConstruSteel’s scribing solution

According to Bogaerts, the true value lies in ConstruSteel’s innovative Advanced Scribing for Tekla solution. He states, “We’ve been using this solution for six months now, and it’s truly fantastic! We had experience with other standard scribing solutions before, but none offer the same level of functionality and flexibility as Advanced Scribing for Tekla from ConstruSteel. This includes various scribing methods, the ability to select the information we want to scribe, scribing on welded parts, and the option to standardize or customize scribing for similar parts. ConstruSteel makes all of this possible.”

Compared to alternative solutions, Hendrikx nv realizes significant time savings, reducing the time needed to set and batch scribing information for production. Bogaerts concludes, “Moreover, even new employees can quickly start composing, and the likelihood of errors is minimal. We no longer make mistakes because we are scribing the correct information on the appropriate parts.”

About Hendrikx nv

Hendrikx nv, based in Gruitrode within the municipality of Oudsbergen, Belgium, has specialized in constructing complete stables, industrial buildings, and riding stables for over 50 years. The company’s experienced team excels in agricultural construction and processes approximately 1,500 tons of steel annually. Their expanded business line, driven by increased production and third-party welding services, is a testament to their growth.

Our focus is on delivering quality and fostering innovation.