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STALENT’s success story with ConstruSteel

Cees van der Bas, director and also the driving force behind STALENT, shares his entrepreneurial journey in the steel industry and the role ConstruSteel has played in successfully shaping several crucial business processes. In April 2011, in the midst of the construction crisis, van der Bas decided it was time to go his own way. With 15 years of experience within the industry, he saw in the crisis not only challenges but also opportunities. STALENT, an amalgamation of “steel” and “talent,” was born out of the need for both elements in steel construction. It started small in a rented store with telephone and laptop. After a year, he moved to a building in Stolwijk. This grew quickly, so in 2014 new premises were purchased in Bergambacht, followed by an expansion in 2018.

Smart entrepreneurship and choosing the right software

In STALENT’s first year, van der Bas faced the challenge of working efficiently and setting the bar high. As such, his choice of ConstruSteel proved to be a good investment. With an emphasis on ease of use and a modular approach, ConstruSteel not only offered various integrations with Tekla and Scan Sys, among others, but also a total solution that went beyond what competitors could offer. This resulted, among other things, in a smooth and user-friendly quotation management, thorough work preparation and a clear project overview.

ConstruSteel as backbone in cooperation with Tekla and Scan sys

Van der Bas emphasizes that ConstruSteel is not just a calculation tool, but an integral part of the daily business process. “It enables STALENT to manage project mutations and statements efficiently. The Tekla integration and overall ease of use make ConstruSteel indispensable in the pursuit of success and growth.”

To maintain financial visibility and overview, van der Bas chose the Scan Sys integration with ConstruSteel. The integration dramatically reduced the time spent on the financial administrative process, taking the processing of 80 to 100 purchase invoices from 3 hours to less than an hour per week. “This integration with Scan Sys allows the team to spend more time on other important (administrative) business processes,” van der Bas said.

ConstruSteel’s user-centric approach: A sustainable collaboration between steel and software

Van der Bas praises ConstruSteel’s customer care and emphasizes the user’s central role in the entire process. “We also had training sessions from ConstruSteel to fully master the system. As a result, the implementation went well.” The cooperation between STALENT and ConstruSteel is not only an example of efficient entrepreneurship, but also of a strategic alliance between steel construction and software, where precision, efficiency and growth go hand in hand. This mutual vision has ensured a good cooperation between STALENT and ConstruSteel for over 12 years.

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