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The need for insight and overview

Over the past 45 years, Van der Meijden has gained a lot of experience within the construction industry, an industry where innovation was in abundance. “However, the internal process has missed the innovation mark,” explains Arnoud Hardeman, director/owner of Van der Meijden.

“A few years ago, things were done here as they probably were here 30 years ago. Everything was printed and put in folders. Our archive got bigger and bigger, literally. As a company, we had a tremendous need for insight and overview. Digitizing was necessary. By working with ConstruSteel, we can process everything digitally and no longer need to add to our paper archive. All information can now be found digitally in ConstruSteel.”

Hardeman sees many possibilities with ConstruSteel: “Because ConstruSteel is specialized in the steel construction process, the package offers many more advantages besides overview and insight. For now and for the future.” The company processes all quotations in ConstruSteel. Then these are converted to orders and the purchasing for the project is done from the package. Also all production information is sent from ConstruSteel to the workshop and all hours are booked on the respective project.

“Post-calculations were not done in the past because the necessary data was simply not available. Today the post-calculations are simply in ConstruSteel and we can see where we are making money. Through the insight ConstruSteel offers us, we know where adjustments need to be made. ConstruSteel grows with our organization,” Hardeman concludes.

Our focus is on delivering quality and fostering innovation.