Digitizing workflows

Marc De Beuckeleer, Director of Staalbeton, is firm in explaining their choice to implement ConstruSteel software: “Our objective is to transition to a paperless and efficient operation, embracing full digitization both in the office and in production. This perfectly aligns with ConstruSteel’s vision.”

Jos Hendrikx, overseeing metal joinery, elaborates, “Before adopting ConstruSteel, internal phone communication was extensive. Additionally, much of our work relied on memory, with minimal internal documentation. Nowadays, we meticulously document everything within ConstruSteel, ensuring transparent communication and accessibility of information for all. This has significantly reduced internal phone calls and ensures we can always locate the necessary information.”

One notable advantage for Staalbeton in using ConstruSteel is the necessity to input data into the system only once, streamlining their operations compared to their previous system. Ilse Kenis, handling calculation and purchasing, underscores, “We’ve already experienced significant time savings in the quotation and calculation generation process.”

“Everything went smoothly,” says Ilse Kenis. “We began the setup process in March. We maintain a critical approach, striving to integrate every aspect of our operations into ConstruSteel. That’s why we engage in ongoing collaboration with ConstruSteel, and they work closely with us. Ultimately, it’s crucial for all our colleagues to have the discipline to effectively utilize the software and meticulously record all information.”

Ready for the future

Staalbeton is Belgium’s largest bending plant. Presently, the metal joinery division serves the parent company for around 50% of its work, with the remaining 50% dedicated to other construction firms. With ConstruSteel fully established and operational, Staalbeton is ready to take the next step. According to Marc De Beuckeleer, “Although our primary customer base is in Belgium, we are increasingly active in the Dutch market and see numerous opportunities for expansion there.”

About Staalbeton nv

Founded in 1982, Staalbeton has evolved into a prominent player in the market, boasting a team of over 100 employees specializing in reinforcement and metal processing. They provide tailored solutions for projects spanning civil engineering, road construction, and various types of buildings. Each year, Steel Concrete invests in new machinery and technologies to tackle even the most complex assignments.

Our focus is on delivering quality and fostering innovation.