Working with ConstruSteel

In 2009, Bincx commenced using ConstruSteel software with the primary objective of enhancing project management and streamlining the administrative processes. Before long, ConstruSteel became an integral part of the steel construction company’s daily operations. Gerben van den Brink from Bincx notes, “Nearly everyone in our company relies on ConstruSteel. Within the software, we perform tasks such as calculations, project management, production oversight from the Job preparation phase, labor hour tracking per project, and handling invoicing.”

Gerjanne Drost, who oversees administration at Bincx, further comments, “To optimize our invoicing procedures, we expanded ConstruSteel with Scan Sys integration.”

About Bincx

Bincx B.V. manufactures and installs more than 250 shell steel and concrete structures annually for agricultural and utility construction. With a dedicated team of approximately 50 to 60 motivated employees consistently pursuing innovations in efficiency, the organization is committed to constructing in the most sustainable manner, with a profound respect for people, animals, and the environment. In a world marked by continuous change and growth, Bincx aims to achieve top-notch results by collaborating with its employees and partner firms, aspiring to become a dominant force in the market.

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