Since its establishment in 1907, Hanse Staalbouw has evolved from a wheelwright and blacksmith shop into a reputable steel construction company. The organization currently boasts a workforce of approximately 150 employees. Director Marlinde Eichler, along with work planner Michael Commandeur, recognized the need for robust software to manage their new marking, drilling, and sawing equipment. They ultimately selected ConstruSteel, with Eichler stating, “The software we previously used, as well as other options in the market, lacked the advanced integration capabilities with machinery that ConstruSteel offers. We continue to stand by our decision to use ConstruSteel daily.”

A significant benefit of ConstruSteel, according to Commandeur, is the ability to order steel at an earlier stage than was previously customary. He explains, “I can optimize and place orders for my materials using preliminary DSTVs. This significantly reduces the turnaround time between the drafting department and production. Additionally, we optimize for minimal lengths, resulting in minimal to no leftover material storage.” A contented Commandeur further states, “The role of the job preparation department has become increasingly vital within our organization. As ConstruSteel continues to evolve and innovate, this importance will persist into the future.”

A Trusted Partner for Steel Construction

Hanse Staalbouw highly values its partnership with ConstruSteel, describing it as exceedingly positive. Eichler remarks, “ConstruSteel possesses a deep understanding of steel construction; they comprehend our industry. When issues or questions arise, they promptly seek resolutions. The entire organization consistently envisions potential developments for the future. I would characterize ConstruSteel as a company that is clear and professional.”

About Hanse Staalbouw

Since its establishment as “the Hanse company” in 1907, Hanse Staalbouw has evolved from a wheelwright and blacksmith shop into a well-regarded steel construction company. What began as a blacksmith’s shop over a century ago has matured into a reputable name in the construction sector. In 2008, as a general contractor, Hanse Staalbouw made the strategic decision to bring all aspects of its operations in-house, including design, engineering, production, and assembly. The company, with approximately 150 dedicated employees, is renowned for its skilled craftsmanship, and its Zeeland roots are reflected in its values of being down-to-earth, industrious, and dependable.

Our focus is on delivering quality and fostering innovation.