The BTR solution

With 30 employees at Constructiebedrijf De Groot in Heemskerk, including 18 production workers, there’s a substantial amount of administrative work to be managed. This workload encompasses time registration, which was previously a manual process. Hours were recorded on paper by production employees and the production manager. The production manager would then review and pass them on to the administrative team. The administrative staff were responsible for gathering various lists, inputting and verifying hours, and making inquiries in case of any uncertainties. This was a labor-intensive process that often resulted in errors.

How BTR benefits Constructiebedrijf De Groot

De Groot currently employs 18 barcode scanners, with each scanner assigned to an individual employee. Even temporary or flexible workers can easily be linked to the barcode scanner they are using at the moment.

“We actually anticipated problems when introducing a new system, but fortunately, we encountered none. The implementation exceeded our expectations. We introduced the system in phases and emphasized the importance of using it consistently. During the first week, there were occasional lapses, but now it has become second nature. It’s simply a part of the job. What’s great is that employees also remind each other to use it and learn from one another.”

Menno Glorie is pleased with the integration of ConstruSteel with Tekla Structures: “In Tekla, we had to make some adjustments to the drawing templates to display barcode and project numbers from ConstruSteel. It required just one hour of work initially, but the efficiency gains have been well worth it.”

“This approach ensures we have no uncertainties, no redundant data entry, and no need for error corrections,” stated Menno Glorie.

Satisfied with the solution

Constructiebedrijf De Groot is satisfied with ConstruSteel’s BTR solution. Menno Glorie remarked, “We’ve been using the scanners for several years, and they perform admirably. We are cost-effective with the BTR solution as it saves us a significant amount of time. Every employee handles the scanners with care, and we’ve never experienced a scanner breakdown. Occasionally, near the grinders, it can be challenging to hear the scanner beep, but we simply check the scanner’s light, which is just as convenient!”

About Constructiebedrijf De Groot

Constructiebedrijf De Groot BV specializes in the fabrication of steel structures for both new construction and renovations. These structures find application in commercial buildings, industrial warehouses, swimming pools, sports facilities, and residential construction. De Groot also manufactures stairs, landings, balconies, balcony railings, and even artistic works. They undertake projects of all sizes, processing an average volume of 1,500 tons of steel per year, making them one of the medium-sized steel builders in the Netherlands.

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