Quality above all

Director Erik Harleman passionately emphasizes his construction company’s unwavering commitment: “Our sole focus is delivering top-quality work. Consequently, we’ve built a strong regional reputation, and our clients are loyal.” To uphold and enhance this commitment to quality, the company invests in welding training, CE certification, and robust software. As more clients seek out CE-certified companies, Harleman appreciates that ConstruSteel seamlessly integrates the EN-1090 compliance process: “Previously, managing all the aspects related to CE standards was time-consuming and involved extensive paperwork. ConstruSteel streamlines this process, making it faster and more efficient. Additionally, it simplifies data retrieval, especially during audits.”

“Through several fellow steel construction companies, I learned that ConstruSteel is the go-to software within the steel construction industry. Creating calculations with ConstruSteel is significantly faster, and you have everything in digital format. With a single button press, you can generate a new calculation. Instead of spending 8 hours, I now average about 2 hours on calculations.”

Harleman Constructions is expanding her use of ConstruSteel to save even more time and reduce errors. For instance, ConstruSteel’s timekeeping system has replaced the manual processing of paper time sheets and handwritten notes by all staff. “All hours are directly allocated to the project, which is simple and quick. Now, I only need to perform the final check,” says Harleman.

The software scales with the company’s growth

He expresses satisfaction with the achieved results: “ConstruSteel has brought about significant efficiency improvements. I didn’t initially know exactly what needed automation and improved efficiency, but that understanding has evolved over time. We are now making strides in this direction, and ConstruSteel is growing with us.” Harleman Constructies BV has also started using ConstruSteel for Job preparation: “We’ve replaced Excel-based saw lists with clear and error-free lists generated by ConstruSteel, which greatly aids our production. I am pleased with ConstruSteel.”

About Harleman Constructies BV

Harleman Constructies BV is a skilled company committed to delivering top-quality work. The employees at Harleman Constructies BV are passionate about their craft. The company is actively involved and collaborates with its clients from the initial concept to the final delivery. Harleman Constructies BV specializes in the production and installation of various types of steel structures, stairs, and fencing, ranging from simple to highly innovative and complex. They offer custom solutions for every project.

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Our focus is on delivering quality and fostering innovation.