The need for a complete software solution

Established in 1988, Advanced Steel Fabrications (ASF) has evolved into a conglomerate with interests spanning construction, steel processing, and steel fabrication industries. “As our organization expanded, we sought software capable of leveraging data from our drafting software to streamline material procurement, optimize processes, ensure material traceability, provide accurate estimations, and track project costs,” explains ASF director, Mr. Leno Zanardo. After evaluating multiple leading software solutions, ConstruSteel emerged as the top choice, deemed the most comprehensive and effective solution.

The benefits of ConstruSteel

Mr. Zanardo expresses great satisfaction with the benefits provided by ConstruSteel solutions and its array of specific technical functionalities: “ConstruSteel has significantly enhanced our overall profitability. We can effortlessly monitor project variations and changes, with instant access to data for submitting cost variation claims. The time savings across various aspects have been substantial. Our CNC machinery programming time has been halved, and tracking job costings is now at a glance, compared to the hours it previously took to compile the information. Thanks to ConstruSteel, we’ve achieved an overall administration saving of around 15%!”

ConstruSteel guiding the steel fabrication company

From the outset, ASF found ConstruSteel’s customer service to be exceptional. Mr. Zanardo elaborates, “Despite being on the other side of the world, the response time was minimally affected, and the specialists have consistently been professional and prompt. During the initial installation, the technicians demonstrated extensive expertise and communicated effectively with our staff.” The software serves as the backbone of the company’s processes and management. “ConstruSteel is utilized every working hour of our day and across all our projects. We would be lost without it today,” Mr. Zanardo concludes.

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