Comprehensive Software Solution Tailored for Steel Construction

Following the merger of various industries, this ambitious company has shifted its focus toward expanding its steel building and construction operations. This strategic shift was one of the driving factors behind their quest for a comprehensive software package specifically designed for steel construction and steel structures.

Marcel Eekelder, the passionate Director of the Eeftink Rensing Group (which also includes ESVE Special Trailers and ESVE Spuiterij), enthusiastically explains, “In our search for a new software solution to streamline our entire organization, we visited several steel construction companies in the region. It didn’t take long for us to recognize the robust capabilities of ConstruSteel. Our goal is to replace our existing Excel files by maximizing our use of ConstruSteel. The package is intuitive for steel builders, and the Job preparation features offer advanced functionalities. ConstruSteel’s software aligns perfectly with our ambition to expand.”

Using software in the right way

Eekelder and Te Selle aim to maximize the use of software within their organization, recognizing that software’s true value depends on its effective implementation. They acknowledge that this process is an ongoing journey. Therefore, in collaboration with ConstruSteel, they established a structured approach to ensure the software is used optimally within their organization.

Eekelder explains, “Engaging the right individuals internally is crucial for the successful implementation and utilization of ConstruSteel. We are highly satisfied with the system, and we’ve observed substantial time savings for Eeftink Rensing in specific areas. Additionally, we appreciate the ConstruSteel webinars, which provide valuable tools to keep our knowledge up-to-date.”

About Eeftink Rensing

Eeftink Rensing is an experienced specialist company in steel building and construction work based in Lichtenvoorde. They approach each construction project as unique, starting with collaborative planning and advisory services for their clients. The company manufactures top-quality materials in-house, and their skilled professionals handle the on-site assembly of all components.

Our focus is on delivering quality and fostering innovation.