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The ConstruSteel Journey Begins

Meet Ardwin van den Berg, the company manager of Imetaal Staalbouw. Imetaal is a midsized steel fabrication company located in Gendringen that specializes in hall construction, custom work, rappelling and fencing and steel structures. The experienced team of over 55 permanent employees, supported by a flexible team of specialists, offers a production capacity of over 7,000 tons of steel per year. Their journey with ConstruSteel began modestly, starting with a few users. Over time, they expanded both the functionality and user base, now having control over their production and CNC machines from Peddinghaus and Kaltenbach. ConstruSteel’s focus on an efficient production process has translated into reduced failure costs and accelerated production times, ultimately leading to a higher quality product. Van den Berg highlights the benefits of ConstruSteel’s Advanced Scribing for Tekla solution, particularly in terms of assembling within the production process.

Digital Transformation in Fabrication

Imetaal has undergone a digital transformation, incorporating personal scanners for all fabrication activities. This efficient system captures each activity with a digital timestamp and the employee’s signature. ConstruSteel acts as the central hub, offering a comprehensive overview of project progress and realization. This digital integration streamlines administrative tasks related to production hours and activities while ensuring compliance with CE standards for steel constructions.

Pragmatic Financial Decision

Van den Berg emphasizes the practicality of investing in ConstruSteel software, highlighting its value. “The software has demonstrated itself as a financially smart decision, proving cost-effective through savings and quality improvements”, says van den Berg. The seamless integration of ConstruSteel with Tekla and Imetaal’s machinery has not only enhanced production capabilities but also strengthened the company’s position as a competent provider of customized steel structures within the industry.

Imetaal Staalbouw’s success story stands as a testament to the transformative power of ConstruSteel. As the company continues to grow and evolve, ConstruSteel remains an essential partner, contributing to a continued commitment to optimization in the steel industry.

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