Paul van Galen: “The software package we used before adopting ConstruSteel couldn’t fully meet our requirements. Therefore, choosing ConstruSteel was the logical next step for us. For instance, the calculation module in ConstruSteel is significantly more advanced. Additionally, CE compliance for EN-1090 is integrated directly into the software. Shortly after, we expanded our usage of ConstruSteel by incorporating The Digital Workshop app. This innovative solution has been a tremendous time-saver in our Job preparation and production processes.”

Changes are immediately known in the workshop

At Staalbouw Utrecht, the advantages of digital working drawings and real-time information displayed on tablets are evident in daily operations. “Accessing working drawings and instructions via tablets is convenient, and modifications can be swiftly and easily implemented. This ensures that everyone consistently has the latest and most up-to-date drawings, significantly enhancing the working experience for our colleagues in the workshop and the office. The positive response was immediate! Furthermore, it translates into considerable time and cost savings, as it reduces paperwork substantially. This minimizes disruptions in the workflow, eliminates unnecessary consultations, eradicates the need to search for the right drawings, and prevents costs associated with outdated drawings,” explains Paul van Galen.

ConstruSteel has now become a crucial component in the management and production processes of Staalbouw Utrecht.¬†Paul van Galen: “We no longer need Excel, we have put that out the door for good. ConstruSteel is now the common thread in our production process. We can’t and don’t want anything else anymore”.

About Staalbouw Utrecht

Staalbouw Utrecht was founded in 2014 by Paul van Galen. The team now consists of 7 permanent employees and a flexible shell. Staalbouw Utrecht designs, produces and delivers custom steel, aluminum and stainless steel products, from large steel structures to window frames and stairs.

Our focus is on delivering quality and fostering innovation.