Paul van Galen explains, “The previous software we utilized failed to fully satisfy our requirements, making the transition to ConstruSteel the logical choice for us. Notably, ConstruSteel offers a far superior calculation functionality and seamlessly integrates CE compliance for EN-1090 directly into the system. Subsequently, we enhanced our utilization of ConstruSteel by integrating The Digital Workshop app. This innovative tool has proven to be a significant time-saving asset in our job preparation and production workflows.”

Workshop personnel are promptly informed of any changes

At Staalbouw Utrecht, the benefits of utilizing digital working drawings and accessing real-time information via tablets are readily apparent in daily operations. Paul van Galen elaborates, “Accessing drawings and instructions on tablets is not only convenient but also allows for quick and seamless modifications. This ensures that all team members consistently have access to the latest drawings, greatly enhancing the working experience for both workshop and office colleagues. The immediate positive feedback was remarkable! Additionally, this approach translates into significant time and cost savings by substantially reducing paperwork, minimizing workflow disruptions, eliminating unnecessary consultations, streamlining the search for relevant drawings, and preventing expenses associated with outdated documentation.”

ConstruSteel has emerged as an indispensable element in the operational and production workflows of Staalbouw Utrecht. According to Paul van Galen, “Excel is a thing of the past for us. ConstruSteel has seamlessly integrated into our production process, becoming the backbone. We have no desire to revert to anything else.”

About Staalbouw Utrecht

Staalbouw Utrecht was founded in 2014 by Paul van Galen. The team now consists of 7 permanent employees and a flexible shell. Staalbouw Utrecht designs, produces and delivers custom steel, aluminum and stainless steel products, from large steel structures to window frames and stairs.

Our focus is on delivering quality and fostering innovation.