Quality and efficiency

To ensure quality, Hutten Metaal Staalbouw possesses the requisite certifications in addition to years of expertise. Every product demands a high standard of quality, and this commitment is clearly evident in the management of this family-owned business. Each day, all employees work diligently to streamline and optimize the steel construction process. As the search for qualified personnel becomes increasingly challenging, Hutten Metaal Staalbouw is proactively preparing for the future. Dennis Zijlstra, Head of Production at Hutten Metaal Staalbouw, comments, “Our scribing machine handles all preparatory work for assemblers, including signing off and marking, automating these tasks. Thanks to ConstruSteel’s Advanced Scribing for Tekla solution, the machine operates at peak efficiency, making it a valuable asset for any steel construction company. It’s an investment that quickly yields returns.”

Zijlstra also pointed out, “Feedback from the workshop indicates that individuals are highly satisfied with the scribing process on profiles. Even less experienced assemblers can handle the more intricate markings more easily with ConstruSteel’s solution.” Hutten Metaal Staalbouw is thrilled with the results: assemblies are now produced more quickly and accurately, leading to reduced costs associated with errors.

Advanced Scribing for Tekla offers more possibilities

The previous scribing solution didn’t provide the steel construction company with the necessary flexibility. It only allowed scribing on primary components, lacked options to scribe contours fully or partially, and couldn’t accommodate profile rotation. “We made a deliberate choice in favor of ConstruSteel’s solution. Their deep commitment to steel construction makes them the software experts in the industry. ConstruSteel keeps advancing its product offerings, including the scribing solution. Therefore, we have confidence that in the years ahead, we’ll have a reliable solution that keeps improving. This promises substantial benefits for our future operations.”

Introduction of a new method

Adjusting to the use of ConstruSteel’s Advanced Scribing for Tekla took some time for both the engineering and production teams. However, now that specific scribing settings have been established for each profile, everyone is clear on the required actions, eliminating the need for follow-up measurements. “This has significantly improved our efficiency in the process,” notes Zijlstra.

About Hutten Metaal Staalbouw

Founded in 1974, Hutten Metaal Staalbouw is a family-owned enterprise specializing in intricate steel building constructions. Situated in Hardenberg, they boast a yearly steel production capacity of 10,000 tons and operate within an expansive 11,000 square meter production facility. The core activities of Hutten Metaal Staalbouw encompass design, static calculations, workshop drawings, as well as the fabrication and installation of steel structures. Additionally, this steel builder offers roofing and wall cladding services, along with stair and fencing solutions.

Our focus is on delivering quality and fostering innovation.