Traditional steel builder Bentstaal wants to connect processes

RenĂ© Roebersen, director of Bentstaal in Ijsselstein, describes his organization as a traditional steel construction company: “We focus on steel structures within utility and hall construction and, given our flexibility, we prefer to do as little repetitive work as possible.”

Due to the unique nature of each project, the company found itself repeatedly going through the entire process, leading to inefficiencies. “Over the past 50 years, Bentstaal had developed a specific way of operating. However, this resulted in a significant amount of redundant administrative work. Information was sometimes entered or re-entered three to four times,” explains Roebersen, highlighting the need for steel construction software.

Excel sheets replaced by ConstruSteel

Excel spreadsheets have now been replaced by ConstruSteel. Each department within Bentstaal previously had its own complex web of Excel sheets and other software programs, leading to redundant data entry and a lack of process visibility. This situation prompted Roebersen to seek a comprehensive solution for the entire business process.

“In addition to Excel, various other disjointed programs were in use, none of which communicated with each other. I sought an efficient process where all aspects within the organization are streamlined, naturally leading to the adoption of steel construction software. We evaluated several software packages, and what ultimately swayed us were the well-structured database, information integration capabilities, overall overview, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration with Tekla,” notes Roebersen.

The integration of ConstruSteel and Tekla also streamlines material-related processes (requirements, optimization, price inquiries, orders) significantly. Roebersen notes, “ConstruSteel seamlessly integrates with our drafting software, resulting in immediate time savings.”

Phased Improvement Approach

Roebersen’s primary focus lies on enhancing the efficiency and manageability of core processes. Therefore, the implementation of ConstruSteel is being carried out gradually. He explains, “Introducing too many changes to our current processes would create chaos. With ConstruSteel, we can steadily enhance our processes in phases, allowing us to keep operations running smoothly during the transition.”

About Bentstaal

Established in IJsselstein, Bentstaal is a versatile steel construction company specializing in utility and hall construction since 1959. With a dedicated team of approximately 50 professionals, the company ensures the delivery of high-quality end products. The production facility covers around 6,000 square meters, including an in-house paint shop. Assembly work is conducted by their own teams and selected partners.

Our focus is on delivering quality and fostering innovation.