All-inclusive software solution

Geert-Jan van Zagten, Director of Donk Constructie, sought a comprehensive software package tailored to the steel construction industry, one that could encompass all aspects of the company’s operations. They initially implemented ConstruSteel for calculations, and soon after, job preparation and project management followed suit. However, for compliance with EN 1090 standards, another software package was already in use, resulting in the need to duplicate data entry for each project.

The introduction of EN 1090 is often viewed as an additional regulatory requirement. “It’s a government mandate, and we must adhere to it. We can’t afford to take any risks or jeopardize our certification,” explained Van Zagten. “Yet, having to input EN 1090 data into a separate system is less than ideal.”

Save time

As a result, Van Zagten expressed his satisfaction with having all operations integrated into ConstruSteel, streamlining work processes and increasing efficiency. Van Zagten elaborated, “This significantly saves time for the organization, particularly concerning CE marking. Previously, EN 1090 data had to be inputted in multiple places, but now it can be managed centrally. This minimizes redundant tasks, and everything is readily accessible. It’s an ideal setup.”

ConstruSteel facilitates the generation of CE documentation for each project, encompassing all relevant data such as certifications, diplomas, checklists, and welding reports. Additionally, it provides the advantage of notifying when certifications expire or inspections need scheduling.

Experience demonstrates that maintaining CE marking requires just half a day per year, thanks to this collaboration. “The partnership between Schimmer Consultancy and ConstruSteel holds great significance for the entire industry. The expertise of a CE specialist, coupled with alignment with the FPC manual and the comprehensive capabilities of ConstruSteel as an all-in-one solution for steel construction, significantly simplifies matters for me as an entrepreneur,” concludes Van Zagten.

About Donk Constructie

Located in Boven-Leeuwen, Donk Constructie specializes in crafting customized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum products in the Maas and Waal region. The majority of these products are designed, fabricated, and assembled in-house by their own skilled technicians. Their services encompass delivering products for residential and commercial construction, engineering, and industrial applications, including items such as stairs, fences, platforms, sheet metal, trusses, and more. Additionally, the company boasts the most extensive range of hot-dip galvanized lintels in the Netherlands.

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