Choosing ConstruSteel: a natural progression

Hans Potkamp, project manager at Companjen Constructies, explains, “We’ve had a long-standing partnership with ConstruSteel. We had previously worked with different software solutions, but they didn’t yield the desired outcomes. We observed that our former software provider shifted their focus away from the steel construction industry, leaving us with a stagnant software package that was no longer tailored to our specific needs. So, opting for ConstruSteel was the next logical step.”

Breaking old habits

During the implementation process, Companjen Constructies initially adopted the Calculation software solution. Gradually, they incorporated several other solutions offered by the software package, including Job preparation and later Advanced Scribing. The transition brought about some initial apprehension within the organization. Potkamp adds, “Initially, our workshop staff found the new way of working somewhat daunting. It required breaking some old habits and developing new approaches. For instance, embracing digital time registration seemed like a hassle initially. However, after a few weeks, our colleagues were won over and couldn’t imagine going back.”

Efficient control and operational visibility

ConstruSteel provides Companjen Constructies with remarkable ease of use, streamlining administrative processes and saving valuable time. Hans Potkamp emphasizes, “ConstruSteel enables us to perform comprehensive post-calculations, maintain control over projects, and gain deep insights into our operations. I’m still surprised that some steel construction companies heavily rely on Excel and paper time sheets. In my view, it’s not feasible and lacks sustainability in the long term. For us, ConstruSteel is an indispensable tool, much like a welder relies on their welding cap.”

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