Scan Sys integration to support invoice processing

Since 2018, Reijrink Staalconstructie has actively utilized the Scan Sys integration with ConstruSteel. This integration establishes a connection between Scan Sys’ ImageCapture software and ConstruSteel’s software, with its development dating back to 2017. Presently, numerous steel construction companies rely on this software pairing. Jos van der Bruggen, the controller at Reijrink Staalconstructie, explains, “In total, we used to accumulate about 25 to 30 binders filled with purchase invoices each year. Given that we receive around 12,000 purchase invoices annually, digitization has become a highly desirable solution. While approximately 3 out of our 150 employees at Reijrink work with the Scan Sys integration daily, the entire organization benefits from the digitization. It’s incredibly convenient, allowing us to maintain a clear overview of our invoice workflow.”

Reijrink a pioneer in innovation and modernization

Reijrink is an organization that consistently seeks to lead the way in modernization and innovation. Thus, it came as no surprise when Reijrink took proactive steps to digitize its business processes. When it became apparent that ConstruSteel and Scan Sys were collaborating to establish a connection, Reijrink promptly made the decision to be among the first users of the Scan Sys integration with ConstruSteel. Jos van der Bruggen explains, “We were already exploring scan-and-recognition software for our administrative processes when ConstruSteel informed us about their collaboration with Scan Sys. That was reason enough for us to put our search on hold and await the availability of this link. The implementation process went smoothly, and any issues that did arise were promptly addressed by consultants from ConstruSteel or Scan Sys.”

Scan Sys integration with ConstruSteel: saying goodbye to ‘paperwork’

Parting ways with the era of the ‘paper store’ held significant importance for Reijrink. The digitalization of invoice processing not only provides greater clarity but also leads to a more enjoyable work environment. Moreover, it translates into substantial time and cost savings. The digitized invoices are accessible within both the ImageCapture software and ConstruSteel, ensuring that every invoice is instantly available at any hour of the day.

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