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Vic Obdam Staalbouw is a specialized steel fabricator that primarily handles more complex projects. This specialization has led them to adopt ConstruSteel’s Advance scribing feature to mark welding locations and transition to a paperless workflow.

Furthermore, Vic Obdam discovered during a webinar hosted by ConstruSteel in collaboration with Appreo that scheduling personnel, projects, and necessary resources could be simplified. Using Appreo’s assembly app, these tasks have been digitized, providing a much clearer overview. For instance, work orders can now be scheduled based on project start dates and durations, and employees can access information about their colleagues and required tools for upcoming tasks. They can also record their hours worked through the app.

Additionally, Vic Obdam has implemented attachments within Appreo, allowing employees to carry digital project plans, drawings, and delivery notes for each specific project. These improvements have significantly reduced the time spent on various processes, freeing up more time for other tasks. Communication between colleagues and collaborators has also seen considerable enhancements.

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