Advanced Scribing – Main parts

With Advanced Scribing, you have the capability to use various types of scribing based on the steel profile type. For instance, for steel I-beams, you can choose to scribe with a full contour, ensuring precise markings and cuts that perfectly align with the beam’s shape. This meticulous approach guarantees accuracy and efficiency in the fabrication process.

In contrast, when dealing with steel U-beams, Advanced Scribing intelligently utilizes pop-marks to indicate their positions. This method simplifies the scribing process for U-beams, providing a clear reference for subsequent fabrication steps. By streamlining the workflow in this manner, you can significantly optimize scribing and layout marking to align with your specific production requirements.

High quality production with Advanced Scribing

  • Generate layout marking on both main and sub parts.
  • Easily select types of scribing.
  • Flexible output selection.
  • Never scribe more than needed.
  • No manual scribing means less failure costs.

In combination with CNC-controlled machines, Advanced Scribing is one of the most interesting Tekla plug-ins for the structural steel industry. This powerful and easy-to-use innovation has proven itself in many steel fabrication companies due to its unique and flexible features.

Advanced Scribing generates scribing lines, pop-marks and layout marking on selected or all steel profiles and plates of your 3D BIM model and ensures that CNC-machines are able to produce more efficiently.

Minimal production time by using scribing

Punch and shear machines, as well as drill and saw machines, offer seamless capability to create precise pop-marks on steel beams or plates using either the drilling tip or punch. Additionally, plate processing machines equipped with a cutting and drilling tool effortlessly apply these pop-marks. This streamlined approach results in a significant boost in production output. Moreover, machine downtime is minimized as there’s no need for tool changes. All scribing operations are fully automated, based on DSTV files or .nc1 files, further reducing the potential for costly errors.

ConstruSteel generates DSTV+ files (standardized .nc1 file format) and PNI files specifically tailored for Ficep machines, facilitating the control of steel fabrication equipment. This means that the scribing data generated by Advanced Scribing can be seamlessly transmitted to a wide range of steel fabrication machines, including Voortman, Ficep, Kaltenbach, Peddinghaus, Behringer, and Daito, among others. This interoperability ensures efficient and precise integration across various fabrication setups, empowering your workflow with advanced technology and versatility.

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