Bar nesting for optimising material requirement

Basic Bar Nesting or Straight Bar Nesting can be done within the ConstruSteel software with just a few clicks. For this purpose it is possible to define one type of machine, for example a sawing/cutting machine with all the parameters necessary to do a proper bar nesting of beams and other length material. On the import side there are multiple options for Excel/ASCII, Tekla Structures and DSTV/CNC data files.


When using the Basic Bar Nesting software by ConstruSteel, steel beams and bars will be nested in the most efficient way to quickly and simply reduce material waste and failure costs.

Bar Nesting

  • Reduce waste of material
  • Quick and easy nest steel beams and bars
  • DSTV Viewer & Editor for nesting results
  • Significant time savings for nesting
  • Create lists (e.g. cutting, parts, assemblies)
  • Direct import from Tekla model

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