Manage purchase orders with ConstruSteel

After effortlessly importing BIM data and utilizing automated bar nesting within ConstruSteel, you can effectively manage purchase orders. The sophisticated bar nesting function calculates the necessary sizes for steel beams, bars, or flat bars, producing a precise bill of materials that optimizes the utilization of your in-house inventory and supplier items. From there, you can generate individual or consolidated purchase orders for single or multiple projects and subsequently update the purchase status to “sent,” “confirmed,” or “delivered.” Once the purchased steel is confirmed as delivered, all production data, such as digitized cutting lists or machine files, will be authorized for use in the workshop.

Easily create purchase orders

  • Purchase orders based on efficient nesting
  • Easily create and send purchase orders
  • Insights in actual status and delivery
  • Combine multiple projects for procurement
  • Clear bill of materials

To ensure a seamless and efficient workflow without costly and time-consuming interruptions, it’s crucial to have software that streamlines your operations. As a dependable and competitive steel fabricator, having instant access to a comprehensive overview of material flow is essential. ConstruSteel Online is the solution that empowers you to take control of your production.

By generating your purchase orders within ConstruSteel, you can optimize the procurement of steel and efficiently manage the utilization of both your in-house inventory and supplier items.

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