User story: Steel & Roofing Systems (IRL)

Steel & Roofing Systems (SRS) offers innovative and efficient engineering solutions. As a member of BCSA and one of Ireland’s largest steel fabricators, they have a production capacity of up to 9,000 tonnes of structural steelwork annually. To streamline preparation processes and automate production workflows, Steel & Roofing Systems relies on ConstruSteel’s steel fabrication software. This software is used for nesting steel bars and generating digital cutting lists and machine files, helping them save time and improve efficiency.

After years of manually optimizing steel profiles using pen and paper, Steel & Roofing Systems embarked on a quest to find a software solution to automate this labor-intensive process. Conor Whelan, Director at Steel & Roofing Systems, stated, “Our objective was to streamline our production preparation process. We had initially tried another software solution but encountered numerous challenges. That’s when we decided to give ConstruSteel a try.”

During their 14-day free trial of ConstruSteel, Steel & Roofing Systems became convinced of the software’s power and user-friendliness. Sean Meany, Job Preparator at Steel & Roofing Systems, described the experience, saying, “Without any prior demonstration, I was able to learn how to use ConstruSteel on my own in just a few hours. The in-program walkthroughs guided me through all the necessary steps. Additionally, the software offers clear documentation and an Online Service Desk with prompt responses.”

Time-saving in Production Preparation

Thanks to its intuitive layout and user-friendly interface, users can benefit from ConstruSteel right from the start. The process within ConstruSteel begins by importing BIM data from the draftsmen or engineers. Following the BIM import, ConstruSteel can generate all the material nesting, purchase orders, and production data seamlessly.

Sean Meany added, “The advanced nesting algorithm for materials is incredibly straightforward. Previously, I used to spend nearly a day preparing and optimizing materials for a specific project. With ConstruSteel, this now only takes a matter of minutes.”

Reducing Material Waste and Production Errors

“Once we adopted ConstruSteel, we realized that our goal of saving time was instantly achieved. The software is uncomplicated and user-friendly,” emphasized Conor Whelan. Thanks to the advanced nesting algorithm, material waste is minimized significantly. The nesting process provides a clear visual representation of all the nested parts within a supplier length. When the nesting is approved by the user, ConstruSteel enables the generation of purchase orders and production data for the nested parts.

“At present, we use the generated cutting lists in our workshop. However, in the near future, we plan to control our Peddinghaus machine using ConstruSteel machine files. This will further enhance time savings and eliminate production errors at the machine. We wholeheartedly recommend ConstruSteel to other steel fabrication companies,” concluded Sean Meany.


Steel & Roofing Systems

Steel & Roofing Systems (SRS) offers cutting-edge and efficient engineering solutions. The company is a member of BCSA and stands as one of Ireland’s most prominent steel fabricators. SRS has the capacity to manufacture up to 9,000 tonnes of structural steelwork annually, accomplished by a team of 40 skilled craftsmen in their workshop. With over 35 years of experience, SRS serves various sectors, both domestically and internationally, delivering customized engineering solutions to its clients.

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