How to deal with fluctuating steel prices?

Steel prices continue to rise and there is no sign of recovery yet. The need for efficient steel fabrication is more important than ever.

As steel profiles become scarce and more expensive all around the world, material waste should be brought to a minimum by steel fabrication companies. Many steel fabrication companies in the world use specialised steel fabrication software for an efficient use of steel profiles, bringing material waste to a minimum and speed up the production process.

Reduce material waste

The surge in steel demand from the automotive sector and the rising prices of raw materials appear to be driving the shortages and price hikes. Consequently, suppliers and service centers are often unable to meet their delivery commitments to steel manufacturing and construction firms. In this context, minimizing waste material in the workshop has become more critical than ever before. Steel fabrication and construction companies worldwide are actively seeking strategies to cut down on material waste, aiming for efficient material utilization on the shop floor.

  • Advanced Scribing | Main parts

    Generate scribing lines / layout marking on steel profiles and plates for all main parts in order to indicate the position of secondary parts.

    Scribing | Main parts
  • Advanced Scribing | Sub parts

    Generate scribing lines / layout marking on steel profiles and plates for all parts that need te be welded on to main or sub parts of the assembly.

    Scribing | Sub parts

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