Optimization process Metaal Groep Mook

Making optimal use of ConstruSteel’s software solutions was the goal of the Optimization process initiated some time ago in collaboration with ConstruSteel’s Consultants. The steel construction company from Limburg’s Mook has been using ConstruSteel for many years, and its steel construction software solutions are integrated throughout the organization of 32 employees.

Metaal Groep Mook focuses mainly on producing metal parts for the industry, alongside renovation projects. Specialized tasks, like the recent renovation of the lion enclosure in Artis, are also entrusted to Metaal Groep Mook. Thus, optimal setup of business processes is crucial for efficient and future-proof operations.

An optimal and uniform approach

Some time ago, Metaal Groep Mook, formerly Staalbouw Mook, chose to integrate Scan Sys with ConstruSteel to automate invoice processing. This prompted the organization to reassess its use of ConstruSteel’s software solutions. Despite acquiring the steel construction software package years ago, only parts of the software solutions were being utilized over time.

Alfred Peters, Operations Manager at Metaal Groep Mook, explains: “After all these years, we had developed our own approach within the software, but who’s to say it’s the most optimal? After all, in my car, I have many options I don’t use, which could be a missed opportunity. That was the approach: to critically examine our methods within ConstruSteel and jointly explore where improvements, efficiencies, and professionalism could be achieved.”

A forward-thinking and professional organization

A ConstruSteel Consultant visited the site, discussed the organization’s needs, and collaborated with various employees to streamline processes and ensure consistency. Alfred Peters adds: “The software solutions we used were well set up years ago, but with time and software evolution, it became apparent that some solutions could be smarter. Therefore, the configuration was adjusted by the Consultant.

Uniform procedures were also crucial for us, and significant attention was paid to this aspect. Some colleagues needed time to adapt to the new approaches, but we noticed that as they realized the new methods were more efficient, they became increasingly more enthusiastic about the new process setup. This Optimization process has brought us tremendous benefits and helps us be the forward-thinking and professional organization we aspire to be.”

About Metaal Groep Mook

Metaal Groep Mook is a family-owned business, collaborating with its customers from design phase to service and maintenance. The organization’s vision is the continuous creation and realization, together with passionate professionals, of innovative and sustainable steel solutions. More information about Metaal Groep Mook can be found here.