Max Bögl: pioneering in steel construction

Max Bögl has always been a pioneer in adopting cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in the competitive construction industry. Their ongoing commitment to optimization led to an investment in an innovative drill/saw combination that opened up new possibilities in using different cuttings and beams. However, with great technology comes the need for a seamless solution to support it, and that’s where ConstruSteel came into the picture.

Implementing a game-changer

Implementing a new tool can potentially be a challenging process, but with the right collaboration and communication, even these changes in the production process can be managed successfully. ConstruSteel’s Advanced Scribing tool supports NC files, while Max Bögl uses CAM files. Through effective communication and cooperation, the two parties found a way to seamlessly integrate the files. Once this puzzle was solved, Max Bögl was ready to use the software!

The transformative impact: “production time became 25%-30% faster”

The results speak for themselves. Joachim Bogner is quick to highlight the game-changing impact of ConstruSteel’s scribing solution: “With the scribing solution of ConstruSteel, our overall production time became around 25% to 30% faster.” A great improvement, especially given the complex and large-scale projects Max Bögl undertakes. Notably, the software has proven its mettle in significant projects, including collaborations with prestigious brands such as Volkswagen and  BMW, where ConstruSteel’s software was used extensively.

A promising future

Max Bögl’s partnership with ConstruSteel has already borne fruits, and there’s more to come. Joachim Bogner reveals: “Recently, a big project for Volkswagen has started. We are happy with the cost- and time efficiency that ConstruSteel has provided for us and are hoping to use it for many more projects!” This statement reflects the optimism and confidence that Max Bögl has in their partnership with ConstruSteel.

If you’re intrigued by the possibilities of ConstruSteel’s software solutions and the efficiency gains that Max Bögl has experienced, you can explore the world of ConstruSteel yourself. Feel free to reach out to us for further details or to schedule a complimentary demonstration!

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